If I don’t plan to lay my stone on a concrete slab, what is the best method to use when installing a path or patio?

Although sand is a good medium to use as a base beneath a stone path or patio, we recommend using crushed stone. Unlike pea gravel or sand, crushed stone has angular edges that lock together and prevent “rolling”, thus creating a solid base for your project. Also, for areas with drainage problems, crushed stone will stay in place while smaller sand particles tend to wash from beneath the stone. This creates voids that can compromise the stability of your pathway or patio.

How do you sell your stone?

Our stone is sold either by the pound or by the square foot (depending on the type). If you come in with measurements for your project we can give you a good idea how much you are going to need.


Where are you located?

Ross Lane is located on the left side of Hwy. 28 West, 2-1/4 miles west of the Coliseum directly across from St. Andrews Links Subdivision. Refer to the directions tab for a full map and directions.


Do you carry any items other than stone?

We carry a broad range of products for your home and garden. Pottery, ironwork, mulch, bedding mix, sand, gravel, decorative gravels, pond supplies and home decor.


What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 and Saturday 8:00-11:30. We do meet customers after hours by appointment only. During the summer(late June/July)we will occasionally have reduced hours of operation depending on extreme temperatures. During the Winter, our hours of operation do not change except for holidays.


Do you sell manufactured stone?

We do not sell manufactured stone. We do sell a broad variety of natural stone that is comparable in pricing and application to manufactured stone.


What is the weight capacity of my vehicle?

We recommend that you refer to the owners manual for you vehicle to determine how much weight you can haul. Our policy states that the buyer takes full responsibility for stabilization of material in vehicle and/or trailer.


57 Ross Lane
Alexandria, LA 71303